Eiye creed and orientation

Confraternities in Nigeria are secret-society like student groups within higher education that have recently been involved in illegal and violent activities. The exact death toll of confraternity activities is unclear. One estimate in was that people had been killed in campus cult-related murders in the previous decade, [1] while the Exam Ethics Project lobby group estimated that students and teachers had been killed between and Soyinka would later note that the Pyrates wanted to differentiate themselves from "stodgy establishment and its pretentious products in a new educational institution different from a culture of hypocritical and affluent middleclass, different from alienated colonial aristocrats".

When fellow students protested a proposal to build a railroad across the road leading to the university, fearing that easier transportation would make the university less exclusive, the Pyrates successfully ridiculed the argument as elitist.

Roughly analogous to the fraternities and sororities of North Americathe Pyrates Confraternity proved popular among students, even after the original members moved on. Membership was open to any promising male student, regardless of tribe or race, but selection was stringent and most applicants were denied.

For almost 20 years, the Pyrates were the only confraternity on Nigerian campuses. In the late s, campuses were roiled by the Nigerian Civil War. Details are contested, but it appears that in Bolaji Carew and several others were expelled from the Pyrates for failing to meet expected standards.

In reaction to this and other events, the Pyrates registered themselves under the name National Association of Seadogs NAS and, at least one source states, pulled the confraternity out of the universities.

Carew went on to found the Buccaneers Confraternity also called the National Associations of Sea Lordslargely copying the Seadogs' structure, symbols and ceremonies. A major impetus for the creation of new confraternities was the fact that members of the new groups simply did not meet the high academic and intellectual standards set by the Seadogs, and thus considered the original organization to be elitist. The Supreme Eiye Confraternity later metamorphosed into National Association of Airlords NAA in was formed in the University of Ibadan, making it the second oldest confraternity after the pyrate confraternity.

In the s confraternities spread throughout the over institutions of higher education in the country. This time period saw a drastic change in the role of the confraternities. The coup of Ibrahim Babangida in caused a large degree of political tension. Military leaders, beginning in the s, began to see the confraternities as a check on the student unions and university staff, who were the only organized groups opposing military rule. The confraternities were thus provided payment and weapons to use against student activists, though the weapons were often used in deadly inter-confraternity rivalries.

Sociologist Emeka Akudi noted that some university vice-chancellors protected confraternities which were known to be violent and used them to attack students deemed troublesome.

In the early s, confraternity activities expanded dramatically in the Niger Delta as confraternities engaged in a bloody struggle for supremacy.

Shortly after their arrival, several students were expelled from Abia State University for cheating and "cultism", a reference to the voodoo-practicing confraternities, which marked the beginning of a shift of confraternity activities from the university to off campus.

The consolidation of confraternity activities outside Nigerian University campuses was boosted by the nationwide renouncement of cultism by university students and the breakdown of traditional campus cults all over the country as a result of amnesty granted to all renounced cultists at the onset of the present democratic government. This led to migration of cultists from the campuses to residential neighbourhoods and streets as campuses were no more safe haven for them.The policemen in the area foiled the initiation of 46 graduating students of a popular mission school name withheld in the council area out of which 15 students were arrested while others fled into the bush.

Chris Anyanwu, a Deputy Superintendent of Police DSPwho confirmed the arrest, said the students had gathered at a hotel in the metropolis located along old Enugu Road to be initiated into a senior group known as Senior Vikings when police swooped on them following a tip-off. He said as the initiation progressed, the police stormed the venue leading to the arrest of over 15 of the students while the initiators and others ran away.

Anyanwu said the initiators had dangerous items, which they had arranged for the initiation, adding the initiators, who were members of the Senior Vikings told the graduating students, who dressed in white hats, red shirts and black trousers, to be initiated into the senior team or be ready to face difficulties in lives.

Anyanwu, who regretted that cult activities had increased in the state in the last few months, said the command would embark on sensitization campaign to various schools in the state to enlighten the students on the need to shun cultism. He noted that if not checked, cultism could lead to violent crime like armed robbery and kidnapping, describing it as a societal problem.

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Post a Comment. The Supreme Eiye Confraternity a. The founders are as follows:. The beliefs of the Supreme Eiye Confraternity are as follows:. This has in no way helped to suppressed the myth that surrounds the entire ideology of fraternization.

However, here we are going to separate the chaff from the wheat. This event signalled the beginning of the most traditional and original confraternity in Nigerian history. From Araba nest, Eleye grew in power, fame and recognition. Reaching far and wide, unrestricted, undeterred, unfazed. Reaching as far as the sky spread. As the saying goes, in every 12 disciples their is a Judas. All of you went to higher institutions to better yourself,your family,and the community at large.

Then tell me what will be your gain by ending up in. All the leaders must check the would be potential members very well to ascertain there motives before admitting them.

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Governor Uzodimma fetes inmates, extends palliatives to orphanage homes — in…. Lagos governor celebrates Easter with health workers in live video. Home Topics Eiye Confraternity.

Eiye Confraternity. Seven killed in Lagos cult clash. Seven persons have died in a clash between two rival cult groups in Ijede area of Ikorodu, Lagos State.

Confraternities in Nigeria

Read more. Police declare four cultists wanted in Lagos. This followed confessional statement of seven Eiye confraternity members who were recently charged to court after men of the Special Anti Robbery Squad, Iju base rounded them up.

eiye creed and orientation

A year-old one-eyed suspected cultist, Sunday Paul, has been arrested by operatives of the Ogun State Police Command for allegedly killing over 15 residents of Ikenne area of the state. Police arrest notorious cultist, rapist in Lagos. Judge warns three alleged cultists accused of gang-rape to stop threatening complainants. Justice Abiola Soladoye of an Ikeja Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence Court on Monday issued a stern warning to three alleged cultists on trial for allegedly abducting and gang-raping two female year old secondary school students.

Three unemployed arraigned over alleged possession of firearms, unlawful society. The Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Mr Zubairu Muazu, on Monday paraded people, suspected of involvement in armed robbery, kidnapping, cultism and other related crimes in Lagos State. Police nab four over murder, robbery in Ekiti.The cult was formed at the University of Ibadan inalso affiliated to the Eiye Secret Society, which exist in the western part of Nigeria.

This cult group was established to make positive impact on the social-political mind, social cultural, physical and mental development of its members, and where indifferent to other conventional cult group. Axe : The axe is the symbol of NBM. Axes are also part of the regalia worn by members. Lord: a graduate member. Those are known for gang wars, cult killings and rape at Nigerian universities.

The term refers to the crisis that occurred at the birth on NBM at the said university, the murder of one of the founders who turned out to be a traitor. There is talk about jus and virgins having been sacrificed at jollies. There are zones in Nigerian states and in many countries worldwide, often with subdivisions. In all communications among members the strong name is used. Clothing: Members of the confraternity have a uniform of sorts that consists of black, white and yellow clothing black trousers, white shirt, yellow tie, yellow ribbon on cap which symbolizes the following: Black signifies identification with the black race and the dignity thereof, white signifies peace and purity of mind and body, yellow signifies intellect.

The color of the regalia depends on the rank of a member. Dodorima in Igbo language refers to honesty, straightforwardness, intelligence, hard working, etc. This entails praises and adoration given to a particular person based on something he did. Term used for punishment, especially beating with a cane or whip.

According to NBM legend Janet was a girlfriend of one of the founders. It is prepared by the Chief Priest and used at initiation of new members.

An oath is sworn with Kokoma: should the initiated member ever betray NBM, Kokoma is thought to squeeze life out of him.

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The consequences of cultism are in two ways which are: 1. Consequences on the society 2. Consequences on the individual. Consequences on the society: These are the consequences of cult activities which are suffered by the society at large they include the following. Loss of innocent lives: Cult activities bring about the loss of innocent lives which may come about during violent cult clashes with other cult members or the police.

This innocent citizens who are killed may other wise have become valuable members of the society. Destruction of valuable properties: Cult members are always prone to destroying valuable properties in the society in the course of their activities.

Increase in crime rate: Cult activities bring about the increase in crime rate, this is because cultists engage in all sorts of crime such as raping, murder, kidnapping, and armed robbery.

All these make the society unsafe for living. Increase in violence: Cult activities also breeds the nature of violence in youths. Fall in education standard: Frequent closure of schools and destruction of valuable school properties as a result of cult activities results to the fall of education standard.

Death: many cult members end up paying the ultimate price for belonging to such groups.

eiye creed and orientation

On a daily basis cult members kill each other on grounds of supremacy and revenge. Loss of limbs: Cultists also lose their limbs during violent clashes with other cult groups. These cultists use dangerous materials to carryout their atrocities, in the process maim those targeted. Destruction of health: Cult members engage in different forms of drug abuse and careless behaviour. These actions tend to destroy the body system and cause adverse health conditions. Poor academic performance: Cultists also experience poor academic performance in school.

They skip lectures and have no time to read their books. This explains why many cultists end up spending more years than expected in the University. Bad reputation: Cultists have a bad reputation wherever they go, no body regards or respects them. They are always despised by their families and the society at large.We hereby use this opportunity to renounce the following public perception so that the brotherhood is not misunderstood and the Supreme Confraternity's name is not smeared by public ignorance: The Supreme "EIYE" Confraternity is NOT a cult but a socio cultural brotherhood that believes in the communion of minds SEC believes in the traditional teachings of the ancient African oratorical practices and NOT Voodoo.

The SEC does NOT have any break-away organizations and is the ONLY tertiary institution based Confraternity that maintains its unity after over 44 years of existence "Rainbow color remains one and the same…" With these in our consciousness, we use this opportunity to inform all members of the Supreme "EIYE" Confraternity in higher institutions of learning, ex-members, older members and dedicated members in all walks of life to use the 16th day of June as a day of solidarity with the general public where we open up our activities to the world via a traditional sing song session where our true nature can then be understood by the inquisitive public.

We have been misunderstood for long enough, as our name from inception has conjured up fear and prejudice amongst the uninitiated; beginning with the castigation by the western overlords in pre-colonial University College Ibadan; and in the past decade by the media who have had a field day through the smearing campaign of the Supreme "EIYE" Confraternity as a Cult!

We hailAjonnnnnntuayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! Rebranding exercise for vampires. Their name no matter. Wole Soyinka had no hand in Eiye confraternity. He started the seadogs aka pyrates confraternity and they are more credible than eiye and not violent at all. The concept of brotherhood in nigerian universities confraternities,if positively channeled can over ride the tribal disunity and cankerworm in nigera.

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The concept of one for all and all for one,tribe,language or state not withstanding. As bad as it may seem,there are lessons to learn from them. Or does your loyalty end when they take an oath to serve the country?

Or could it be you wont have a problem with them as long as they're ones you "know". Bloody criminals have the gall to be celebrating an anniversary Cultism, like armed robbery and man slaughter, should be punishable by death.

I remember them sailing in a london carnival years ago. I wonder if there is a london chapter, and what are their aims and what they really up to. The people who formed this confraternity in never knew it will be bastardise like this so i think it will be unfair if we now call the founders names. Note that you cannot call Prof. Wole Soyinka names simply for the fact that he was part of the founding member of the pyrate confraternity PC.

I do not think they are in eastern universities. I will call all of them, including Soyinka, criminals as they have failed to take any steps to curb the criminal behaviors of their members.

The fact that they can celebrate an anniversary and act oblivious to the atrocities committed by their members makes it more irritating. Rather they are spewing rhetoric of the innocence of their organization as if the rest of Nigeria were so gullible. Soyinka has been busy criticizing the government, but has made little effort to sanitize an organization he partly founded. He condemns the government for the poor state of university education, but will not work to cleanse the fraternities that have made same institutions into living hell for innocent students.

He is guilty of hypocrisy and can be judged complicit of the crime. How sure are you of their initial intents?. Eiye has been different from others in that it has a deep spiritual connotation. It is more of a cult than a gang. Amazingly rich!!!A popular University of Benin graduate identified as Nosa Ebohon popularly called Biggie was among the 6 people who died in the fight.

Cs 281a fall 2019

Bird no de delta again sef, even though them de them no de show face again. Na me respecter of no one say so. Aye-axemen dodos to all glorious axemen all over the world egede to all solid amigos in akwa ibom zone this na lord scot d reason I really enjoy d naking ooo any man who price go pay. If I had the opportunity to be a cultist i will go for Aya i love there gentility and comportment aya axe meeeen una too much.

Normal level… Regardless your frat uphold your ideology and reorient yourself individually. But that should not be the main focus.

eiye creed and orientation

Face your Academics and your hustle. I be Lord. Egede I don Reason. Mumu pipo. Who rugged help? Nobody b superman, all of una o go down last last. You nd ur aromate won die ba abi u nd dem wan pack una load leave nigeria ni? Na egede dey on top. At this time when youths shud be innovative and live a normal life.

Nigerian youths are busy killing themselves in the name of some funny belief. How can a sane man say he is sailing when he has never seen even a boat before, or shud a normal man say he is flying when actually he has always been below ground level. All this are fiction; none existing nonesense which this ones copy from oldforeign mythology.

Have any of the viking heard from odin? What nonesense do this folks belive in? Who be korofo? Wetin be egede? Wetin be all this madness?? How you take dey give strong name and wetin that strong name don give you? Who be those world ibaka wey get mental problem to the extend him no fit advise against violence and undue affiliation in the name of cult?

Them say them be norsemen, i laff cos all this shit na copy them copy from mythology but where i get problem with them na why them come dey take am kill people?

Them shoot somebody, them say one sailor don sink…my friend he was never on the sea or river, not even in a swimming pool, so cut all that crap if you guys cant use it for peace. Me too go schl and i graduate. All this have not made any of you rich na.

What happened to the leaders of 2moro?

eiye creed and orientation

Please i beg you my axelords, my airlords, sealords all of you my nigerian brothers pls lets be one cos i weep as i dey write this; not that anybody don try to fall me or any of my folks, i weep for all of us; i love you all my black africans, pls lets make peace and be one brothers so we can fight for our rights. Our government is not helping us. Instead they deprive us of our rights and send us to kill ourselves. Dodos to all egede, Any elebe wen price must pay From inikpi temple,clear,krf bam pass.

Aye axemen!

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